SriSeshaa organized itself on industry verticals to bring in the best domain experts and solutions to service the customers...


MOBILIZE Services For Realty

SriSeshaa has developed unique Mobile based solutions for the Realty domain. We have domain experts from the Realty industry who understand the need to integrate Mobile devices into the operations, to increase productivity as well as operational control of management of Properties. Various solutions developed for Realty domain are:

  • Property Sales
  • Tenant Management
  • Asset Management
  • Housekeeping
  • Management Dashboards


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Benefits To The User

MOBILIZE services offer various benefits to the users:

  • Provide devices to capture data from Employees on the move
  • Improve community networking
  • Seamless exchange of information between residents
  • Improve productivity of the end-user
  • Provide convenient information windows (dashboards) to the Owners/Managers