SriSeshaa organized itself on industry verticals to bring in the best domain experts and solutions to service the customers...


about-SriSeshaaSriSeshaa Technologies has been formed by a seasoned team of experts in the International Software Industry. We offer specialized products and services in the Mobility domain.


Our visionary team recognized the changes in the technology landscape with Mobile devices beginning to play a bigger role in the future. With an eye on the future, our investment in development of capabilities in the Mobile domain has led realization of cutting-edge and enabling technologies. Our strong research and development capabilities in the Mobile platform has enabled us to create leveraging technologies that will:

Reduce-time reduce-investment delovery-in-time

Combined with our expertise in Technology and Business management, we offer our expertise in creating Mobile interfaces for legacy domains. Our team is committed to serve the SME's across the world with solutions and proven services to bring down the cost and cycle time of solution deployment to their end customers.