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Wireless Freedom

Mobilizing existing business workflows and applications is not a luxury anymore. It has become an absolute necessity for companies to create a Mobile interfaces to all existing systems. Mobile based interfaces increases not only increases productivity but also assures of business continuity.


At SriSeshaa, we combine our decades of Technology management, domain expertise and capabilities in Mobility to offer consulting solutions to organizations.  We bring together our patented technical components with ability to identify the areas for Mobilization to create

  • Business cases for Mobilization
  • Roadmaps & Implementation plans for creating Mobile Infrastructure
  • Strategies to leverage existing systems
  • Integration of Multiple channels like Web, Mobile etc.,
  • Dashboard development for existing systems
  • Domain, Technology & Platform Agnostic solutions

Benefits of Mobilization

Overcome Technology obsolescence
Reduced investment
Fast implementation cycles
Improve end-user productivity
Dynamic Management Decision Making

Our Mobile Computing Bouquet

Database Agnostic

Our Mobilize services can be integrated with any database, data source or webservice, to receive and process data.

Domain Agnostic
Irrespective of which domain the customer belongs and the type of technology, we are able to create Mobile interfaces for existing legacy and web based applications.
Platform Agnostic
Our services are able to develop platform Independent solutions that transcend any mobile application platform including Android, iOS, Symbian, Windows etc.,
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All SriSeshaa Mobile applications have been developed using our break-through Chameleon Server. Our development team creates application architectures designed to simplify the reuse of components.

Chameleon leverages our team to:

  • Deliver faster and within budget.
  • Build new Mobile Applications
  • Add Mobile capabilities to existing legacy systems


We offer our expertise, derived from intelligent investment and years of R&D efforts, to assist our clients to realize the potential of this exciting new technology.